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Snap Inc. vs. Apple: Who Pays Engineers More?

When it comes to the debate between Apple jobs versus Snap Inc jobs, there are plenty of factors worth considering.

Do you want to work for a young, new company? Or one of the founding fathers of tech?

Do you want to be on the forefront of reinventing the way people engage with photos? Or pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in people’s phones and computers?

It all comes down to personal preference and your own career aspirations. But, there’s one thing that’s not subjective — the salaries for Snap Inc. and Apple jobs.

Money isn’t everything, but let’s be honest: it certainly weighs into your decision. Which is why we put together this post — to show you exactly what you can expect for compensation as an engineer (and engineering manager) in both Snap Inc. and Apple jobs.

Snap Inc. Engineer$254k
Apple Engineer$219k
Snap Inc. Engineering Manager$659k
Apple Engineering Manager$289k

Engineer Salaries

It’s no secret that you can earn quite a bit of money as a software engineer. But, even though top talent can expect to get a nice paycheck anywhere they go, there’s still quite a variance among tech companies. The face-off between Snap Inc. and Apple jobs is no exception.

At Snap Inc., engineers can expect to make a whopping $254,000 per year, according to Paysa data. That includes a base salary of $154,000 and an annual bonus of around $24,000. But here’s the real kicker: Snap Inc. engineers can expect around $76,000 in annual equity. That’s huge considering the company just went public in March of 2017.

Average salary for an engineer at Snap Inc., per Paysa data 

Apple has a history of taking care of its employees financially, and their engineers are no exception. While Snap Inc. definitely takes this first round (largely because of that amazing equity opportunity), an engineer looking at Apple jobs can rest easy knowing he or she will do just fine. Base salaries average out around $137,000 with a bonus of $26,000 and annual equity of $57,000. All together, that’s a total compensation package of $219,000 per year, according to Paysa data.

Average salary for an engineer at Apple, per Paysa data 

Engineering Manager Salaries

Now, you might be asking yourself:

How do the salaries shake-up once you’ve passed the individual contributor level and start exploring leadership opportunities?

It’s a fair question and one where Snap Inc. just completely blows Apple out of the water.

Engineering managers at Snap Inc. can expect to make an unbelievable $659,000 per year, according to Paysa data. We’ll wait while you pick your jaw up from the floor. That’s right — $659,000, including: a base around $221,000, bonus at $38,000, and annual equity amounting to over $400,000.

Average salary for an engineering manager, per Paysa data

As great a company as Apple is, they really can’t compete with that. Engineering managers at Apple earn a base just over $200,000 per year, with a $32,000 signing bonus and $55,000 in annual equity. That equals out to a total compensation package of $289,000 per year, according to Paysa.

Average salary for an engineering manager at Apple, per Paysa data


While both companies have a lot to offer and there’s no doubt you’ll be living comfortably on either salary, Snap Inc. is a clear winner when it comes to offering the best compensation. Of course, that’s largely a result of the equity you’ll earn, which is vulnerable to changes in the stock market.

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