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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tech Talent Race is Booming

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing fields of technology. AI is already being used all around us, in ways most of us don’t realize. It’s present in our phones, our cars, in our banking systems, our city infrastructure and much more.

And this is just the beginning! Companies of all sizes from Fortune 500s to startups are investing in the field of AI. Therefore, it’s no surprise that thousands of new jobs are being created in this space. Opportunities are growing in areas like machine learning, software development, data mining and so on.

Be prepared for an explosion of new AI jobs over the next few years. And since there is a skill shortage, salaries in this sector are highly lucrative.

Paysa’s data shows that the industries leading the AI hiring boom are Big Tech, Financial Services, IT Infrastructure, Recruitment, Hardware and Consulting.

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The biggest recruiters in the AI space are Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Intuit, NIVDIA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Oracle and GE.

AI jobs are also highly lucrative.  The top average salaries are from Uber, WalmartLabs and Netflix.

Getting into AI is certainly one of the best career decisions you will make. This infographic will give you a more detailed understanding of the available opportunities in this exciting space.

Artificial Intelligence Tech Talent

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