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How I got my first developer job with no internships straight out of college

Written by a Paysa user, Tim Park, and Paying it Forward to you.

Getting a job out of school is hard

Especially when it seems like every other fresh graduate has been interning at Google or Facebook or Amazon (or all three) since sophomore year. Believe me, I know. When I started my job hunt at the beginning of this year, I sent out 93 job applications, 2 of which resulted in full time job offers. That’s about a 2% conversion rate from applications to full time offers.

A little background…

I graduated from a mid-tier school with mid-tier grades and a grand total of zero internships under my belt. I got my A’s, my B’s, my C’s, and a couple D’s (apologies to my parents) — strictly in the middle of the pack.

The point is, I didn’t stand out. So why would anyone hire me in one of the most competitive job markets out there? There are literally thousands of more qualified candidates companies could choose from.

Looking back, there are 5 key elements that contributed to my eventual employment. I’ve tried to distill what I learned into fairly generic attributes. They are applicable whether you’re a fresh CS grad like me or an elementary school teacher looking to switch careers.

5 key elements that will make all the difference in your job search

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Author: Paysa User